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    2. 365天英語口語大全--商貿口語篇mp3+文本

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      1 建立業務關系 Establishing Business Relationship
      建立業務關系 Establishing Business Relationship
      實地拜訪參觀 Visiting the Company in Person
      觀看貨樣展品 Viewing Samples and Exhibited Products
      2 價格與付款 Price and Payment
      詢價 Making an Inquiry
      報價 Making an Offer
      商議價格 Bargaining
      折扣 Discount
      傭金 Commission
      下定單 Placing an Order
      付款方式 Terms of Payment
      3 包裝與運輸 Packing and Shipping
      包裝 Packing
      運輸 Shipping
      4 保險、索賠與糾紛 Insurance, Compensation and Dispute
      保險 Insurance
      投訴與索賠 Making a Complaint and Claiming a Loss
      拒絕賠償 Refusing to Accept the Claim
      同意賠償 Accepting the Claim
      1 接待來客 Receiving Clients
      機場迎接客人 Meeting a Guest at the Airport
      接待來客 Receiving a Client
      送別來客 Seeing off a Client
      2 日程安排 Schedule
      安排老板日程 Making Schedule for the Boss
      安排會議 Arranging a Meeting
      安排預約 Making an Appointment
      1 銀行職員一般業務 General Services
      業務咨詢 Offering Inquiry Service
      開戶業務 Helping Open an Account
      存取款業務 Helping Deposit and Withdraw Money
      匯款業務 Helping Send Money
      掛失與銷戶業務 Helping Report a Loss and Close an Account
      銀行卡業務 Offering Bank Card Service
      2 銀行職員其他業務 Other Services
      外匯兌換業務 Offering Money Exchange Service
      支票業務 Offering Cheque Service
      零錢兌換業務 Offering Money Changing Service
      1 郵局職員一般業務 General Services
      郵局業務咨詢 Offering Inquiry Service
      信件業務  Letter Service
      包裹業務 Parcel Service
      2 郵局職員其他業務 Other Services
      信封郵票銷售 Selling Envelopes and Stamps
      報刊雜志業務 Newspaper and Magazine Subscription Service
      1 賓館前臺服務Reception
      客房預訂 Taking Room Reservation
      接待登記 Receiving Guest and Helping Check In
      投訴處理 Handling Complaint
      為顧客結賬退房 Helping Check Out
      2 賓館客房服務 Room Services
      引領客房 Showing Guest the Room
      整理客房 Making up the Room
      洗衣服務 Laundry Service
      送餐服務 Room Service
      叫醒服務 Wake-up Service
      設施維修服務 Facility Repair Service
      3 賓館商場部服務 Services at the Shop
      在珠寶工藝品店 At the Jewelry and Crafts Shop
      在絲綢店 At the Silk Shop
      1 餐廳接待服務 Receiving Guests
      接聽訂餐電話 Taking Reservation over the Telephone
      領座 Seating a Guest
      請客人點餐 Asking a Guest to Order
      菜肴介紹 Introducing Dishes
      2 餐廳其他服務 Other Services
      上菜 Serving Dishes
      處理顧客抱怨 Dealing with Complaints
      隨桌服務 Waiting on the Table
      結賬送客 Settling Bill and Sending off Guests
      1 售貨員接待顧客服務 Serving Customers
      招呼顧客 Receiving Customers
      產品介紹 Introducing Products
      產品價格 Products’ Price
      售后服務 After-sales Service
      送別顧客 Saying Good-bye to a Customer
      2 售貨員銷售商品服務 Selling Products
      服裝銷售 Selling Clothes
      鞋帽銷售 Selling Hats and Shoes
      食品銷售 Selling Food
      電器銷售 Selling Household Appliances
      化妝品銷售 Selling Cosmetics
      紀念品銷售 Selling Souvenirs
      1 出租車司機接待乘客 Receiving Passengers
      招呼乘客 Greeting a Passenger
      途中詢問 Questions on the Route
      向乘客收費 Collecting the Fare from a Passenger
      2 解釋交通道路狀況 Explaining Traffic Conditions
      解釋路面狀況 Explaining Road Conditions
      解釋行駛故障 Explaining Troubles on the Road




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